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Open source is what the ants?

Ant open source is to learn php and the birth of more businesses, multi-lingual open source projects, single-user, strong commodity, order management system, learn the advantages of multiple projects opencart of the following characteristics:

1. more businesses: business support application to enter, the system will automatically calculate the junction merchant account functions like Taobao, Amazon.

2. Multi-language: You can customize the language of your store, to support foreign trade.

3. Single user: merchants, administrators, members of the community forum account, single sign-on synchronization.

4. Commodity Management: business management background can be added after commodity goods, the system administrator can only view their own business or punishment goods, commodities can not be operated.

5. Order Management: members can apply for an order for a single item returned under the service without having the entire single-returnable. Also administrator can only view orders and orders can not operate, businesses can operate in their own back orders.

Ant open source is developed by the founder xcalder independent electricity supplier project
Ideal Ant open source

Are you despised ecshop commercial license? Resentment over whether the business school encrypted code? Or you endured opencart not well supported by more businesses? Or is opencart no development documentation? Or magento framework too? Are you already in the obscenity of one day the birth of a free and powerful burst of electricity supplier to the project? Then your long absence OpenAnt come, it is completely free commercial license, in order to promote the development of foreign trade electricity supplier.

Ant open source (open source software studio Chuxiong ant)

Founded in September 2016 ants studio open source software is accompanied by ants open source project and birth, which was established after the Ant open source project started because I think this is a worthwhile project, and it needs to have a open source advocate organizations to promote and maintain because of its birth is not perfect.

The origin of the name of the open source Ant

Actually, using this name to name our business platform open source project, just because we can not find a better domain name, and search incidental to openant.com between the domain, and then translate it into Chinese,

The small ants but as we have no power amount